About the Organization and Lokobetar

About the Organization

Mass-line Media Centre (MMC) emerged in 1995 as an output of thinking about the social welfare by some prominent and respectable citizens of the country. The philosophy of the organization is that the grassroots access to the media expedites the process of participation. On the other hand, educational information is a supporting factor to empower the powerless.


The Lokobetar fm 99.2

Mass-line Media Centre (MMC) is implementing the Community Radio-Lokobetar’ at Barguna with the participation of community people. Our license no is 03 from ministry of Information, Bangladesh Govt.  Over the year MMC is experiencing that Radio is the only media capable of reach a maximum number of citizens in the rural areas impartially and a community radio enable inhabitants to play active part in a two-way communication. Problems, causal connections and solutions in all aspects of social and public life can be presented and discussed through radio, involving the local people in the information network.


To minimize the gap between rural-urban people, MMC established Lokobetar 99.2 fm in Barguna District on 27 May 2011 and is playing the expected role to develop the local community. As per the demand of the local community to increase the Lokobetar coverage area, MMC has applied for increasing its transmission from 100W to 250W. In the meantime, Lokobetar is the most expected media for the community people for getting update information and is also important to the local people for its different infotainment programs and people of this area consider that Lokobetar is a vital part for their daily information and news and plays positive role for raising their voice. People’s participation, awareness and community mobilization has been increased through Lokobetar.


Objectives of Lokobetar

  • To ensure community people’s access to information especially in relation to their livelihoods.
  • To develop people’s awareness about their rights and gender sensitiveness and ensure their active participation in development process and community’s development.
  • To discriminate timely and latest information their livelihood issues such as social, economical, education, primary health, weather, agriculture and support related issues.
  • To increase accountability and transparency of local government to the community people.


Information Regarding Broadcasting Area:

At the present moment Lokobetar is covering 42 Unions. About 50% people are directly covered by Lokobetar. Now it is increasing day by day. It is expected that after set up of 250 transmitter and tower about 50 lac people will hear the program of Lokobetar directly.


Listeners Club

 Listeners Club is a vital organ of any community radio. Lokobetar has established 50 listeners club in its surrounding coverage area. Lokobetar has a twenty five thousand listeners who are playing key roles in discriminating information to the rural people as directly.


Establishment of CR Transmitter:

With the assistance of UNESCO Lokobetar has set up a high quality transmitter (250 watt). It will cover almost Barisal division.


Investment/Installation of other Equipments and Assets:

Necessary equipments such as desk computer, recorders, microphone logo and assets have been procured for smooth operation of CR station activities.


Program Content

After conduction of audience survey recently, 35 items (LB Program) have been identified. Analyzing the items following programs have been prioritized for broadcasting -

Shastha Surakhha, Shishu Kontha, Nari Pakhhya, PathShala, Nani Natir Kedsa, Khhet Khamar, Din Bodoler Golpo, Tothyo Jano Gaan Suno, Campus etc.